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Welcome to Festive Spaces, let us help you get into the holiday spirit!


About Us


What we do

 Do you want to decorate for the holidays but have no space to store the decor year round?  Or, do you not have time to check multiple stores for the perfect decorations? Let us help!

What inspired us to start Festive Spaces? My husband and I had lived in 4 apartments over the span of 6 years, then we bought a house.  When we went to decorate for the first holiday in our house, we realized that we didn't have much to decorate with!  Why? because we never wanted to accumulate decor due to limited storage in our apartments.  Or, the things we did own had been lost or damaged during a move.  So we thought, wouldn't it be great if you could 

"borrow" decorations?  That way you can be festive for the holidays without the hassle of owning the decor year round!


How it works

Order a box of decorations from us.  We'll drop it off, you use it for the season and after the holiday, we pick it up.  IT'S THAT SIMPLE! This season we are only accepting orders in the Hoboken/Jersey City area.

Please view our Photo Gallery of the boxes that are available to order below.  

$89 a box (10% off if you met us at the All About Downtown JC Fair!)


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We are looking forward to receiving your order!

Please send us an email, using the form below, with the name of the box you would like to order and your address and we will be in contact to schedule a date/time that works best for your delivery.  Or, if you've visited our site and are choosing not to place an order this season, we'd love your feedback on what we can improve on to win your business next holiday season.  We're just getting started so all comments welcome and appreciated!

$89 per Box (10% off if you  met us at the All About Downtown JC Fair!)

* Payment will be accepted via Venmo or Paypal *

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